for Great Battles in History

“It’s a touching play full of laughs, and Shyzer is a talent you won’t want to miss.”
★★★★ –CBC Manitoba

“…hilarious and unexpectedly moving.”
★★★★1/2 –Torontoist

“Mark Shyzer is the breakout star of the Fringe so far… It’s at once one of the funniest shows of the festival… and one of the most moving.”
My Entertainment World

“There is so much to enjoy that I actually walked out of the theatre sorry it was over. In my opinion, Shyzer can consider Great Battles in History a victory.”
Mooney on Theatre, Toronto

“Great Battles is a strange and powerful lingering show and Shyzer’s potently chameleon performance is one not to be missed.”
Apartment 613, Ottawa

“This is such a masterfully understated bit of storytelling that I couldn’t take my eyes off it for fear of missing another gem.”
Visitorium, Ottawa

“Mark Shyzer’s Great Battles in History was absolutely hilarious, yet complex and multi-layered enough that I left feeling like I just saw something really special.”
Charlebois Post, Ottawa

“Whether you enjoy musicals or history or neither, this show is for you. It is for everyone. This is one of the best one-man shows I have ever seen and I cannot recommend it enough.”
New Ottawa Critics, Ottawa

for Fishbowl

“It’s a smart, stylish performance… but it’s also much more than that. Fishbowl is an outstanding piece of theatre that will connect with you.”
★★★★★ – CBC Manitoba

“Fishbowl is a wonder: dramatically challenging, remarkably funny, excellently performed.”
★★★★★ – The Charlebois Post, Toronto

“Funny, insightful, intellectually stimulating and excellently performed – who could ask for more of a Fringe show.”
★★★★1/2 – The Edmonton Sun, Edmonton

“Fishbowl is a cleverly conceived, brilliantly written and skillfully performed puzzle that explores the science of strained human relations.”
★★★★ – Beat Magazine, London

“…an impressive bit of character writing… beautifully performed in a delightful little show.”
★★★★ – Toronto Sun, Toronto

“Fishbowl is a surprise hit.”
★★★★ – Production Ottawa, Ottawa

“[Fishbowl] delves[s] deep into our place in the universe – and in relation to each other – in just 60 minutes, and keeps[s] you entertained right through.”
★★★★ – The StarPhoenix, Saskatoon

“It’s comic, yes, but also penetratingly, uncomfortably true – and moving, at that.”
★★★★ – Planet S, Saskatoon

“Shyzer puts your funny bones in a hadron collider and slams them together at the speed of light… Fishbowl will stick in your head for days to come.”
★★★★ – Vue Magazine, Edmonton

“Shyzer shines as a motley cast of misfits in this clever, pensive and genuinely funny one-man show… [Fishbowl] offers its audience a thoughtful new perspective on something we thought we already knew everything about.”
– CW Magazine, Victoria

“Shyzer’s script… hits joke after joke with speed and cunning. Wisecracks that most writers would be happy to hit a couple of times in a show are everywhere… This is a fine piece of theatre.”
– Fully Fringed, Ottawa

“Monstrously funny… intriguing… and impeccably performed…”
– Capital Critic’s Circle, Ottawa

“…a very funny, original, and rather clever piece… a unified field of Fringe awesomeness.”
Visitorium, Ottawa

“Fishbowl takes huge comic risks that pay off… There is an honesty and a beauty to this play”
–, New York

“Fishbowl… intricately weaves such heady topics as Dark Matter, The Uncertainty Principle, and the Grand Unified Theory of Everything in between huge laughs… A definite must-see!”
The Happiest Medium, New York

“Just like Shyzer’s performance, Fishbowl… builds in power – and emotion – as it progresses…”
– NOW Magazine, Toronto

for Only Human

“…Highbrau’s best and brightest sketches… some standouts for me were Mark Shyzer’s dry delivery and his impressively limber physical comedy…”
Mooney on Theatre

“I’m now determined to never miss another Highbräu performance. Every single sketch in the show is impeccably timed and cleverly conceived”
My Entertainment World

Photos by Tanja-Tiziana